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The following are our past results

Past results

  • For measurement system
    • On wafer TEG design assistance for RF modeling
      Measurement systems for 1/f noise, self-heat dc, etc…
  • For CMOS modeling
    • Bulk CMOS device modeling

      - Modeled beyond 45nm nano-meter technology devices

      SOI CMOS device modeling

      - Modeled beyond 45nm nano-meter technology devices

      RF CMOS device modeling

      - Multi-finger size independent device modeling

      • - Modeling of MOSCAP, varactor diode, etc…
      milli-wave CMOS device modeling
      • - Developed milli-wave (>65GHz) macro models
      • - Silicon substrate and interconnect modeling
      • - Scalable modeling of gate length and width, and number of contacts and fingers
      RF passive components modeling
      High voltage/power device modeling
      • - Macro model developments for DMOS, LDMOS, and HVMOS
      • Modeling Service with Verilog-A
      "ULTRABIN" automated function generation software
  • For compound device modeling
      • Process control monitoring system for GaAs MESFET/HEMT
      • Accuracy improvement of GaAs MESFET/HEMT non-linear models
      • Automated model parameter extraction system for UCSD HBT model
      • Enhancement HEMT and HBT device modeling
      • milli-wave (110GHz) HEMT/MESFET modeling
      Angelov, Parker-Skellern, EEHEMT/EEFET, Curtice, and Statz modeling
  • For BJT modeling
      • μW BJT Modeling
      Development of
      • - Modeling systems for MEXTRAM503, 504 and VBIC95
      • - Modeling systems for lateral PNP transistor
  • Statistical modeling
      • Device targeting for nominal device targeting using APT (Automated Parametric Test) database
      • Accurate skewing corner and boundary models
        • - Development of targeting and corner/boundary model generating software called "MOSTAT"
      Statistical method and “MOSTAT"statistical modeling software
      • - Skewing parameter automated selection function
      • - High accuracy mismatch model generation function
  • Others
      • Development of a-Si TFT model (AA-TFT Model) and parameter extraction system
      Implement of AA-TFT model into a LCD simulator (for our LCD partner)

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