Vol.24 弊社取締役Zhiping Yu博士が国際学会参加のため来日いたします


弊社取締役Zhiping Yu博士が9月7日から9月12日まで来日し国際学会参加、モーデックでの技術情報のアップデートなどをいたします。

発表の論文は主にYu博士の大学院研究所 学院生に担当させている研究テーマに関するものです。内容としましては、

  1. NDMI (Nano Device Modeling Initiative) meeting in Hakone on Sept. 7
  2. As a program committee member of 1st IEEE Workshop on Compact Modeling (IWCM) to attend IWCM and to give a paper titled “A potential-based current model for nanoscaled DG-MOSFETs” by Meng Li, Jianshi Tang, Yang Lv, and Zhiping Yu
  3. Attend SISPAD (Int’l Conf. Simulation of Semiconductor Processes and Devices) between Sept. 9 and Sept. 11 to give three papers:
    a)Ming Zhang, Qiushi Ran, Ximeng Guan, Jinyu Zhang, Yan Wang, and Zhiping Yu,“Comparative study of study of GNR-FETs using EHT- and TB-NEGF”

    b)Jinyu Zhang, Min-Chun Tsai, Wei Xiong, Yan Wang, and Zhiping Yu,“A highly effective and effective cost-function-reduction method for inverse lithograph technique”

    c)Jing Lu, Mingzhi Gao, Jinyu Zhang, Yan Wang and Zhiping Yu,“First-principle calculation for effects of Fluorine impurity in GaN”


  1. An Efficient Compact Model for LDMOS with Self-Heating Effects
  2. MOS Model 20-based RF-SOI LDMOS large-signal modeling
  3. The modeling challenge for CMOS technology node 45 nm and beyond