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Need digitized information of a graph in PDF format or a graph printed on paper?
Now, MoDeCH offers RODEM you can count on!
RODEM-G   RODEM is utility software designed to obtain numerical information of a graph in PDF format or a graph printed on paper easily and quickly.
With just one click on any single point of a graph, RODEM can extract numerical information much more easily and quickly than other existing tools with “AI plot function” which can plot a whole line of a graph instantly.

Features of RODEM

1. Simultaneous reading and automatic digitizing of a graph frame.
2. Automatic tracing of a graph line with just one click. (AI plot function)
3. Accurate identification of a graph line, which is less affected by scale on a graph and ink smears.
4. Automatic digitization of multiple graph lines all at once.
5. Detailed digitized information can be obtained with an unlimited number of plots.
6. You can manually edit areas where automatic tracing cannot be applied easily.
7. With scalable graphs, fine adjustment and visual confirmation of a graph can be handled without any difficulty.
8. Obtained numerical data can be exported in CSV format or open with Excel directly.
9. Any delimiters can be assigned in CSV format.
10.  You can run Excel directly from RODEM, thus speeding up editing numerical data.
Introduction of RODEM (Japanese)
RODEM movie (Japanese)

RODEM-G User's Manual v1.2


  • What functional limitations does the free-trial version have?
  • A Numerical data reading is restricted to only 4 points.
  • How many PCs can I use this software on?
  • A We will issue one license key with each purchase. The license key will be issued for the MAC (Media Access Control) address of your LAN adapter.
    * When the license key is issued for a USB LAN adapter, RODEM runs on any PC by replacing a USB key.
  • I have been using the full version and I want to move RODEM from a registered computer to a different PC. What should I do?
  • A When you renew a fixed-term license, you can transfer your license from the registered PC to the different PC without additional cost. When you are in the course of a permanent license or a fixed-term license, all you need to do is to pay 20% of the purchase price. (Once you moved RODEM to the different PC, the right to use RODEM on the currently registered computer will be extinguished).
    * When you are planning to use another PC, we highly recommend buying a USB LAN adapter to get a license. RODEM runs on any PC by replacing a USB key.
  • Do you provide customers with product updates and enhanced features?
  • A We plan on doing major upgrade once a year.
  • How do you respond to problems?
  • A We offer an updated version to all users on an as-needed basis.
  • When I cannot figure out on how to use it, what should I do?
  • A Please refer to the quick guide on this website or the video user manual. If you still have troubles, we offer an individual consultation by e-mail.
  • Do you offer any other options besides a fixed-term license?
  • A Yes. Please buy the permanent license.
  • Do you offer customer training programs for free?
  • A Unfortunately we do not offer free customer training programs. For companies and organizations in Japan that bought two or more licenses of RODEM, a fee-based training program is available upon request.
  • Do you respond to a request for adding new features?
  • A We are pleased to respond to a request from our customers for additional features on a preferential basis.

System requirement


: Windows 7, 8 (Each of 32-bit or 64-bit OS)

Resolution : 1024x768

: Visual C++ 2010 Runtime Library
  Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0

Price list


License Fees

For 3 months

: 12,800 Yen
For 1 year : 49,800 Yen
For 3 years : 129,800 Yen


License Fees

New purchase : 198,000 Yen
Upgraded ver. : 128,000 Yen
* For a maintenance contract (1 year), it will cost 15% of the price of a new version at the time.

* If you would like to request a receipt, an invoice, or the software on CD-ROMs, please contact us.

* All prices are tax excluded.

Flow of buying and getting the free-trial of RODEM

Flow of buying RODEM

Order Placement
After entering necessary information into our online purchase order form, press the Submit button. Click here for the Application page
Apply for Purchase/Free-trial
You will receive an order confirmation e-mail after placing order (automated message).
Our RODEM customer support group will send an e-mail containing “the payment instructions” within 3 business days to a registered e-mail address.
Please pay the purchase price to our bank account specified in the e-mail (All bank charges must be paid by the customer).
Payment is required in advance in principle. If you would like to “pay an invoice” at a customer’s convenience, please contact our customer support regarding this matter. A customer representative will contact you separately.
Immediately after the payment is confirmed, we send you an e-mail containing “a key code and a guide on how to download RODEM” to the registered address.
Download RODEM from the Download page specified in the e-mail.
Maintenance and Support
For all customers who use a fixed-term license, we offer an updated version and an upgraded version.
For all customers who use a permanent license, we offer an updated version.
Offering the updated version is available only by customer’s downloading.
If you have any questions about how to operate RODEM or a request for additional features, refer to the FAQ site exclusively for RODEM or contact our customer support.

Flow of getting the free-trial version of RODEM

After entering necessary information into our online application form, press the Submit button. Click here for the Application page
Apply for Purchase/Free-trial
After submitting this online application form, you will receive an e-mail receipt from MoDeCH (automated message).
You will receive an e-mail containing “the download instructions of the trial version” from our RODEM customer support group.
Download the trial version of RODEM from the Download page specified in the e-mail.
● About the free-trial version
For the trial version, you can experience all the functions related to the tracing of RODEM. However, numerical data reading is restricted to only 4 points.
If you need digitized information, please consider to buy a license. If you already installed the trial version, you can use it as the licensed version only by entering a key code that will be sent to you immediately after the payment is completed. (You don't need to download and install RODEM again.)
Please apply for buying and getting the trial version of RODEM here.   Apply for Purchase/Free-trial

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