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MoDeCH offers service contract of various characteristic measurements and evaluations required for analog (RF/millimeter wave), high frequency digital, and power device design. The experienced technical engineers of MoDeCH will provide you with more accurate measured results by making full use of the premier measurement instruments made by Keysight Technologies (Agilent’s spin-off).
Device Modeling  

Device Measurements

Measurements covering from basic characteristics to characterizations with special measurement instruments, and measurements at temperatures ranging from low (-40 degrees Celsius) to high (200 degrees Celsius) are available.

Analog circuit measurement  

Analog Circuit Measurements

We deal with analog circuit measurements including 1/f noise NF, gain, 1 dB gain compression, IP3, TOI, PAE, and other analog circuit measurements which require a high level of know-how and special instruments.

High-speed digital device measurement  

High-speed Digital and Device Measurements

We offer measurement services responding to faster digital communication. We handle challenging problems with measurement instruments in MoDeCH and know-how from many years of experience in the fields of device modeling.

Millimeter wave solutions  

Solutions for Millimeter-wave Devices

For more accurate modeling for millimeter-wave devices such as automotive radars, MoDeCH has been striving for smarter modeling technology.


Contract Service of Accurate S-parameter Measurements

MoDeCH offers various solution services including contract service of accurate S-parameter measurements and technical consulting to transfer measurement know-how.

Multi-direction prober  

Multi-direction Prober

Our multi-direction prober can contact points of a DUT from all angles and facilitates measurements of both DC and RF of 3D devices.

Required Information for Estimates

Please fill in the form below in as much detail as possible and have it readily available when you contact us.

Items to be answered

* Characteristics to be measured :  
* The number of TEGs : device types/the number of channels/the number of sizes
* Temperature conditions :  
* Bias conditions :  
* Frequencies :  

(Examples of description)

* Characteristics to be measured : DC, CV, and S-parameters
* The number of TEGs : CMOS, the number of channels: 2ch (N, P), the number of sizes: 10 sizes (x2ch)
* Temperature conditions : low temperature (-40 degrees Celsius), room temperature (25 degrees Celsius), and high temperature (150 degrees Celsius)
* Bias conditions : 5 conditions
* Frequencies : **Hz to **Hz

Flow of Services

- Inquiry
- Estimate
- Technical meeting
- Measuring
(MoDeCH/contract sites/customer sites)
- Delivering detailed information about measured results
(reports on measurement results and measured data)
- Device modeling
* We also offer a device modeling service combined with measurements. 

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