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The policy for MoDeCH's employees.
MoDeCH has developed its own policy, “MoDeCH Way," based on the management principle “Coexistence and Co-prosperity."
MoDeCH and its employees share the common understanding of “MoDeCH Way." This ensures the growth and fulfillment of our company and employees, resulting in generating benefits for our customers.
“MoDeCH Way" is the basic concept of our company and the common understanding of all of the board members and employees.
When you are thinking about joining our company, we hope you will understand the policy.
  • MoDeCH has been making the utmost effort to build a relationship of trust between employees and management for a better working environment. In the same way, the employees have continued to work hard for the company that fosters relations of mutual trust.
  • The employees make continued efforts to move themselves higher. MoDeCH promises to extend every possible cooperation for their being successful at MoDeCH.
  • Keeping “the Few and the Proud" spirit since the company’s establishment, MoDeCH has continued to run business strategically and efficiently, and sustain individual motivation by placing the right person in the right job.

Career paths of MoDeCH