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MoDeCH has been offering many customers with device modeling and consulting services for
integrated circuits since the company’s establishment in 2002. With our outstanding
achievements, especially of on-wafer devices, for leading companies and other institutions, we
will continue to realize the world-class device modeling based on our unique and creative ideas.

Efficient circuit design with precise device models on boards

Efficient circuit design with precise device models on boards Electronics products are now diversifying, thus requiring faster time-to-market of high value-added products. In the circuit design environment, the shift from a prototype production through a “trial and error” approach to “an efficient design with a circuit simulation” has been observed, resulting in various problems as follows:

-The results obtained in simulation differ from predicted results
-It takes longer to develop a circuit than expected

The problems listed above lie not only in functions of a simulator but also in the accuracy of device models.
Let’s assume that you have inaccurate free online models or models supplied with a simulator. No matter how many times you repeat a simulation with those models, the simulation results are inaccurate. In most cases, you will end up wasting a lot of time and money.

* If a device model is inaccurate, repeated simulations would consume a lot of time and money.

A more accurate simulation leads to a drastic improvement in the development period and design accuracy

Device modeling by MoDeCH dramatically improves the efficiency of designing on-board electronic components with the skills and know-how acquired in various fields of on-wafer device modeling. The high quality modeling services significantly reduce the number of prototypes. Some of our successful customers said,

“The design period has been successfully reduced to one third!”
“Our circuits can be developed only by one prototyping!”

We provide our customers with more accurate simulation, shorter development period, and more accurate circuit design. It is MoDeCH’s modeling technologies.


Description of business


We also offer solutions for measurements including 1/f noise characteristics and S-parameter
measurements (RF-millimeter wave up to 110 GHz) using special measurement instruments.
  • DC/CV characteristics
  • S-parameters (up to 110 GHz)
  • Self-heating characteristics
  • Dynamic capacitance in transistor operation
  • Noise figure and noise parameter characteristics
  • RF characteristics
  • MW/millimeter wave characteristics
  • 1/f noise characteristics and switching characteristics
  • Diode recovery time
  • High-voltage and high-power devices
  • Device characteristic dispersion
  • Contactor specs
  • Current Rating
Measurement Equipment in MoDeCH
  • Wafer probe station (with temperature chamber)
  • DC semiconductor parametric analyzer
  • High-frequency network analyzer (up to 110 GHz)
  • Ultra-high sensitivity 1/f noise measurement system
  • Precision LCR meter
Multi-directional Prober
Our multi-directional prober enables measurements ranging from DC to high frequencies of 3D devices and can contact a point of a DUT from all angles.

Device Modeling

- On-wafer devices up to millimeter wave bands with highly-accurate and advanced device models
- SPICE model and parameter extraction for on-board electronic components
On-wafer devices (Typical)
  • MOS all
  • BJT
  • SiGeBJT/GaAs HBT
  • Transmission line
  • Passive elements (L, C, R) etc.
On-board devices (Typical)
  • IGBT
  • Photo coupler
  • Driver IC
  • Op-amp
  • BJT
  • Passive elements (L, C, R) etc.

* Support high frequency (millimeter wave) when on-wafer or on-board devices

Available models
  • BSIM all (Include BSIM6)
  • HiSIM-HV
  • Macro model


Assistance for Circuit Design and Antinoise Measures
Assistance for Circuit Design and Antinoise Measures

Total consulting service for circuit design and antinoise measures
Assistance Example
  • RF, Micro-wave, Milli-wave, Sub-THz Circuit design assistance
  • Design, evaluation, analysis assistance about EMI, EMC, ESD
  • Design, evaluation, analysis assistance about SI, PI


  • TEL:042-656-3360 〔受付時間〕平日9:00~18:00